For most, a convertible Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe would be the ultimate in luxury and individualist motoring. It seems, however, that owning one of the world’s most exclusive automobiles is not enough for some buyers, with the iconic brand introducing a new limited edition version.

Only 35 examples will be made and each will cost an eye-watering £435,000. The Waterspeed Collection edition has been built to celebrate the water speed record set by Sir Malcolm Campbell in 1937, using Rolls-Royce engines.

The car is the latest in the company’s Bespoke Collection, and showcases its skill and craftsmanship in creating personalised vehicles for the most exacting customers.

Most notable amongst the revisions is the new ‘Maggiore’ blue paint scheme, named after the Italian lake on which Sir Campbell set his speed record. The colour scheme also extends to the alloy wheels and engine’s manifold cover – a first for the marque. Other changes include the extension of the bonnet’s brushed steel trim to include the rear bulkhead, replacing the teak decking of the regular model.

Inside, the opulent cabin is upholstered in light grey hide, embossed with Bluebird motifs, in reference to the speedboat Campbell used to set his world record. Sunk into the dashboard – trimmed in ‘Abachi’ wood – are dials featuring graphics inspired by the record-breaking craft.

Mechanically the Waterspeed Collection is unchanged from the normal Drophead Coupe, being fitted with a 6.75-litre V12 engine developing 453bhp. Despite the car weighing in at over 2.5 tonnes, it is capable of getting from 0-60mph in 5.6 seconds and will go on to a top speed of 150mph.

Click play below to see the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Waterspeed Collection in greater detail.

Daljinder Nagra


May 13, 2014