In what may be the most useless piece of car technology ever devised, Lexus has created a car that can paint a portrait of its owner.

It’s normally the sort of thing we’d expect to see from BMW for its annual April Fool’s Day stunt, but the above video from the Japanese manufacturer seems to show the creation in a wholly serious light.

Fitting its new IS300h saloon with software created by ‘generative artist’ (your guess is as good as ours) Sergio Albiac, the car is able to create a picture of the driver, based on a photograph uploaded into its system.

Collecting data on how hard a driver revs the engine and how fast they tend to drive, the car then applies the brush strokes accordingly. If you’re gentle, the more accurate and realistic the portrait is. If you drive your Lexus like you’ve stolen it, your face is going to look like a crazed finger painting.

Currently, Lexus has no plans to introduce this admittedly unique piece of tech into its production models, with the project remaining a one-off.

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Daljinder Nagra


October 28, 2013