The UK Government is planning a series of restrictions on the length of roadworks on major routes after pleas from ministers.

As part of a £15bn ‘road investment strategy’, the majority of the motorway network is being resurfaced in the next 5 years. Because of this, the Department of Transport, along with the Highways Agency, are looking at limiting the length of any single section of roadworks to a distance of between 2 and 5 miles.

It is reported that ministers have demanded change after concerns about the roadworks on the M1 and M3.

With a significant amount of time being added to commuter’s journeys, this will come as welcome news to those who travel along the motorway network regularly.

Two of the longest continuous stretches of roadworks are a 22 mile ‘smart motorway’ upgrade in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire and a 14 mile interchange update on the M1/M6/A14. Both of these areas have 50mph speed limits imposed upon them and are covered by average speed cameras.

Similar large sections of roadworks can be found on the M3, M4, M6 and M60. Almost all have speed limit restrictions and cameras assessing speed.

Highways England have insisted, however, that it carries out the majority of work at night, and postpones major workings during busy holiday periods such as Christmas.

The amount of traffic on British roads has soared by 50 per cent in the last two decades, with the upgrade to ‘smart motorways’ only increasing the problem for commuters.

Jack Evans


After completing his university studies in English and Creative Writing in Cardiff, Jack is now a full time motoring writer at Blackball Media. His love of cars stems from his childhood years when he began to live and breathe all-things automotive.

December 23, 2015

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