The cost of keeping a car on the road is undoubtedly one of the largest drains on household finances. Now, however, there is a way drivers could make their cars work for them and earn a little extra cash.

No, we’re not suggesting you become a taxi driver. Instead, you may consider renting out advertising space on the side of your car.

Car Quids – a new company that launches this weekend – is offering car owners the chance to place adverts on the doors, bonnet or on a strip across the windscreen, and claims drivers could see an average return of around £100 per month.

For those looking to maximise their car’s earning potential, a full wrap advertisement is also available, which could see potential incomes reach to £200 over the same period.

The money is paid directly by advertisers, with Car Quids taking a 35 per cent share.

Drivers could earn around £100 per month by advertising on their cars

Once an advertising arrangement has been agreed, Car Quids arranges for the large stickers to be professionally applied. Owners can choose from a four-week stint to a whole year.

At the end of the agreed period, the stickers can be removed easily at home.

Car Quids has stated that is unable to disclose which brands have signed up for the scheme until it has fully launched the service, though those looking to lease space on their cars will be able to reject an advertisement if they disagree with the content or do not wish to promote a particular company or product, with no penalty.

The marketing firm did state that those drivers who did wish to sign up to the scheme would have to ensure their car was in a presentable condition.

Those who don’t own their own car needn’t feel left out either, as Car Quids is also offering cars on lease at heavily subsidised rates.

For instance, leasing a Ford Fiesta 1.2 Style would cost around £126.90 if arranged through a dealership. Car Quids is offering it at £39.90 per month after an up-front payment of £761.40.

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Picture: Car Quids