A learner driver has spoken out of her shock after she received a speeding fine while undertaking a driving lesson.

Stacie Ralphes, 17, only has 12 hours experience behind the wheel, but managed to record 36mph through a 30mph zone while on a lesson with the AA Driving School in Dorset.

The unlucky learner was caught speeding along Lanehouse Rocks Road in Weymouth while an AA driving instructor oversaw her tuition.

Health and social care student Stacie told the Dorset Echo that she was flabbergasted to learn that she was liable for the speeding ticket, something she claims she was not made aware of.

Stacie was offered the choice of accepting three penalty points on her license or taking a speed awareness course.


Stacie was caught travelling at 36mph in a 30mph zone during a driving lesson.

She told the Dorset Echo: “I was shocked to find that the notification was in my name. I thought the driving instructor would have made sure that speeding didn’t happen as that’s what they are there for.

“I was angry and frustrated. I understand that I was partially responsible but I felt as a learner driver who has just started, I’ve been learning to deal with everything else involved in driving.”

The hasty novice decided to plump for the speed awareness course rather than blemish her provisional license with pesky points, but was told she would have to front the £110 fee herself.

She revealed to the Dorset Echo: “I’ve lost my confidence when driving through this. It has been a big setback.”

Stacie’s mother Beverley Riseboro, 38, is now calling for driving schools to make the rules of the road more transparent to learner drivers and warn them that they shoulder responsibility for any fines they may incur.

I’ve lost my confidence when driving through this. It has been a big setback.”

Clearly upset and angry, she said: “I think when you are paying so much money for driving lessons people should know that something like this could happen.

“I’m a single parent and Stacie is at college. I’m paying for everything so to get whacked like this with £110 to pay for a course is awful.

“Stacie wants to be in a job where she looks after old people or disabled children and she will need to drive.

“When this happened she said she didn’t want to go driving ever again.

“I find it incredible that after 12 hours of driving my daughter could be solely responsible for this.”

Stacie has subsequently left the AA Driving School and now continues lessons with a different firm.

The AA Driving School did offer to pay for Stacie’s speed awareness course as a gesture of goodwill but told the Dorset Echo: “The law is clear that if a motoring offence is committed then the driver is liable for any penalty, such as points on their licence or attending an awareness course, even if they are a learner. It is illegal for anyone other than the driver to take the penalty.”

The company revealed that it would continue to work with the family to resolve the matter.