Whether it’s music streaming or television, many of us are now accustomed to the concept of subscription services.

And they’re slowly encroaching on the car world, too, with Volvo launching its ‘Care by Volvo’ service and now with Kwik Fit, which has today launched a new subscription for vehicle maintenance.

Described by the nationwide car servicing company as the ‘Netflix of car maintenance’, it’s been introduced to appeal to a new range of buyers. Called Kwik Fit Club, drivers pay a monthly subscription, which covers tyre repairs and replacement, wheel alignment and six-monthly health checks. An MOT and car servicing can also be included, too, while the subscription can be tracked through a dedicated app.

Currently the membership is just being trialled in the North West and Yorkshire, though a nationwide roll out is set to follow in the summer. Prices depend on the car a member drives, the mileage they cover and the tyres currently on the car, though the firm hasn’t given any examples.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit says: “The growth in demand for subscription services has been dramatic over recent years, particularly with younger consumers. We found that drivers aged 18-34 have an average of six subscriptions across all sectors and two thirds of them would be interested in paying for car maintenance this way.”

Research by Kwik Fit shows that 40 per cent of drivers have put off car repairs and maintenance, which rises to 55 per cent for those aged 18-34. Work is also put off for almost 60 days on average, too.