Kia has revealed its Soul EV Boardmasters Edition – a one-off recycled car designed to celebrate partnership with the music festival.

Based on a pre-production Soul EV, which would usually have to be scrapped due to not being able to be sold, Kia’s UK team has instead transformed it into a surfer’s delight.

Fitted with 16-inch steel wheels wrapped in huge off-road tyres, Kia has had to adapt the car’s bulkhead and front foot wells to accommodate the gigantic tyres.

It also gets a raised suspension setup that’s completely bespoke, and also raises the ground clearance from 153mm on the standard car to up to 320mm on this Boardmasters Edition. Kia says the car will be able to ‘overcome rougher terrain and uneven ground on the way to the coast’.

The differences continue with a custom-built steel roof rack which is able to accommodate a pair of 7ft9 Tahe Bic Malibu surfboards, while still meaning the boot can be fully opened. Though retaining the Soul EV’s standard Neptune Blue colour, a range of white decals have been introduced, while spotlights and large aerials have also been fitted to enhance the rugged look.

Kia has also carried the modifications through to the interior, with the rear seats being ripped out and replaced with a large wooden deck made from sustainably-sourced material. In the boot, there’s also a fold-out bench with a seat, while a swing-out arm provides somewhere to hang a towel or damp wetsuits.

A solar panel is also fitted to the roof, which is able to charge the likes of a mini fridge or other auxiliary appliances, and works independently from the main battery, and therefore can’t drain the car’s range.

Kia has left the Soul EV’s 64kWh battery unchanged, and though the usual production car can travel for 280 miles on a single charge, the modifications will have a negative impact here.

The one-off model will be on show at the Boadmasters festival in Cornwall, which is held from August 11 to 15.