He is the founder of the DC Shoe Company, he dabbles in the World Rally Championship, regularly bosses the Global RallyCross scene and creates Gymkhana videos that are seen by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

It can be none other than Ken Block and he has returned with the sixth instalment of his popular Gymkhana series that sees him design, create and absolutely drive the man-bits off a specially made motoring gymkhana course.

In the video, Block slips behind the wheel of his 2013 Ford Fiesta ST RX43 vehicle, which produces nearly 650bhp and an astonishing 881Nm torque and proceeds to slide, skid and screech its way around a purpose-built obstacle course that features such everyday items as diggers, wrecking balls and Lamborghini Aventadors.

Diehard Block fans may be left slightly disappointed by the latest release as it seems to have taken a step back towards the early days when the serial Hoonigan simply used a disused runway to film his videos rather than shut down San Francisco.

Nevertheless, the wheelsmith-ery displayed in the latest video is mighty impressive, even if it is just a giant advert for the upcoming Need For Speed game, for which Block is an advisor.

Enjoy! And don’t try at home.