This week is Child Safety Week (23rd – 29th June), and with this in mind, parents are being urged to perform essential safety checks on their cars.

HPI have sited that although parents take time to ensure that they fit approved child car seats in their new or used car, they also need to be checking the history of their vehicle before buying it to ensure they are not putting their family at risk.

A HPI survey has revealed that over 50 per cent of respondents failed to look at NCAP ratings before purchasing a new or used car, and that 44 per cent of respondents stated price as the key factor leading them to a sale.

More encouraging results from the survey showed that 70 per cent of parents placed child safety high up on their list of priorities when searching for their next car, yet 75 per cent of respondents admitted that they relied on their own judgement as opposed to asking an expert to make the all important purchasing decision.

Nick Lindsay, Director of HPI commented: “We are advising car buyers to be more cautious when purchasing a used vehicle for a family purpose and to be aware of the dangers of buying a car that has been an insurance write-off or a cut ‘n’ shut.

An HPI Check will establish the vehicle’s current status and confirm that it has been legitimately deemed fit for the road, eliminating any hidden risks to a child’s safety.” Child Safety Week is organised by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT), so visit their website for further information on how you can become involved.

Stephen Jury


June 24, 2008