Peugeot has rewritten the retail rule book once again, enabling teenage drivers to take advantage of its Just Add Fuel scheme.

First launched in July 2010, Just Add Fuel allows drivers to make payments over a three-year period, which cover all motoring costs from insurance to MoT.

However, until now, the scheme has only been available to drivers aged 21 and over. Thanks to the use of advanced telematics technology, teenage drivers can now take advantage of Just Add Fuel, behind the wheel of the 108 city car.

Under this policy, the payments made by the driver cover insurance, servicing and roadside assistance. This means they will no longer need to waste time searching for cheaper insurance cover and they’ll always have peace of mind en route.

The fact that the cost remains fixed across a three-year period means drivers will also have the opportunity to drive a brand new car every three years too, so there won’t be any trips to the MoT test centre.

Recent industry data reveals that drivers aged 18-20 are at the highest risk of being involved in an accident. Therefore, working closely with its policy provider, Peugeot is launching a comprehensive fixed-cost motoring package which takes that into account.

Neil Moscrop, brand director at Peugeot, said: “Just Add Fuel is recognised as the most significant innovation in vehicle retailing for a number of years. Now we can widen its appeal even further, allowing a broader spectrum of drivers to experience the thrill of owning a new car.”

For motorists aged 18-20, Just Add Fuel is only available to 108 buyers and is priced from £248 rental per month. The secret is a discreet plug-in telematics device, which is sent to the customers immediately after they’ve taken delivery of the car.

The device attaches to the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port under the steering wheel; a simple installation, which drivers can do themselves.

Once fitted, it uses satellite tracking to store and send data on the vehicle’s speed, acceleration, deceleration and lateral G-forces. This is used to assess the customer’s driving style and rate each journey made, on a scale from 1–100.

Customers have access to an online portal where they can review their driving activity, while the information will be regularly monitored by the insurer and an aggregate score awarded. If the score falls below an agreed threshold, the driver will receive a warning. Four warnings a year will result in the insurance policy being cancelled. This may reduce the number of insurance products available to the customer, and increase the premiums they are quoted.

Despite being part of the new car retailing landscape for five years, Just Add Fuel remains unique to the French carmaker.