Japanese manufacturers have been ranked as the most reliable in the UK, with the Suzuki SX-4 S-Cross and Toyota Yaris Hybrid being the most dependable cars to buy in a new survey.

Both cars received faultless reliability scores, recording ratings of 100 per cent in the annual reliability survey conducted by What Car?. Cars from Japanese brands have long been famed for their reliability, and this continues as four out of the most reliable five cars come from Japanese brands.

(Toyota Yaris Hybrid)


The Nissan Leaf (2011-2017) and Toyota RAV4 (2013-2018) received a 99.7 and 99.6 per cent ranking respectively, with the BMW 3 Series rounding off the top five with a 99.5 per cent score.

Over 18,000 motorists participated in the survey – making it one of the most comprehensive carried out in the UK – with What Car? then ranking 159 models from 31 brands. Motorists are asked to rate their car’s reliability over the last 12 months of ownership. The overall rating also factors in repair costs and how long a vehicle was off the road for while the problem was being diagnosed and mended.

Unfortunately, not all cars performed as well, with models from Tesla, Ford and Land Rover appearing in the bottom five. The Tesla Model S was the least reliable car, with a score of just 50.9 per cent.

(Tesla Model S)


What Car? editor Steve Huntingford said: “Reliability is a huge consideration for any prospective car buyer, as your car is likely to be your second biggest monthly expense after mortgage or rent payments.

“Our annual survey has shown that it is Japanese models that continue to dominate the top of the reliability rankings, both for car model and brand rankings.”

When it came to the manufacturers themselves, Suzuki ranked first, closely followed by Lexus and Toyota as the most reliable brands. Kia was the most reliable brand outside of Japan, with the South Korean manufacturer coming in fourth, alongside Mitsubishi and Skoda – the highest-ranking European brand – all with the same score. These rankings are for cars between one and four years old.