For the past fifty years filmgoers worldwide have been blown away by all the action, suspense and style of the James Bond films.

With Daniel Craig’s latest effort Skyfall celebrating 50 years of Bond on cinema screens, we’ve been able to look back at the best cars down the years.

Here’s what Daniel Craig tooled around in during Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall.

Daniel Craig’s first appearance as the iconic superspy came in the 2006 film Casino Royale. Based on the Ian Fleming book of the same name it isn’t considered a remake of the 1967 film which starred Peter Sellars due to the latter’s unofficial status in Bond canon – not to mention the spoof elements and production problems which plagued the original.

Craig’s Bond returned to the dark, brooding character so brilliantly portrayed by Timothy Dalton in the late 1980s as an antidote to the gradually more and more over-the-top antics of both Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan which preceded their appearances.

In Casino Royale Bond drives the Aston Martin DB5; which had previously been cut from the final version of The World is Not Enough and not used since. The film’s return to the DB5 marks a return to the roots of Bond; the film’s aim as a franchise reboot is reflected in that decision.

Later on in the film Craig is seen behind the wheel of the DBS V12, a sleeker sexier version which is involved in a very dramatic car crash during the story. As Bond cruises in the sports car he is surprised to see Vesper Lynd lying on the road and must swerve to avoid running her over – the result being the car flipping over and over on its side; setting a new stunt world record in the process. Both cars were won by Bond during his poker games – quite a fetching couple of prizes for a mere card game!

Bond perseveres with the DB5 in Quantum of Solace, most notable in a pre-titles car chase around Lake Garda in Italy – Daniel Craig is said to have taken an advanced driving course at the Aston Martin base in Millbrook to prepare

He’s also recently passed a driving test in New York to allow him to hold a US licence! Bond also tries out a couple of other models during Quantum; the Audi A6 features as well as a Volvo S40T5.

In Skyfall the DB5 gets another nostalgic touch to celebrate the 50 years of Bond – tech geek Q equips Bond’s ride with an ejector seat and front-firing machine guns as seen in Goldfinger! Sadly the car does not survive the movie; being destroyed in the final fast-paced scenes.