Everyone love zombies…or at least that’s what Isuzu’s hoping as it launches its latest zombie ad campaign, which aims to raise the pick-up manufacturer’s profile in the UK.

In this video, a valiant Isuzu driver is minding his own business when a zombie apocalypse takes hold. Safe in his pick-up, he makes his getaway before coming across a damsel in distress, stood on the roof of her car with a gaggle of zombies attempting to pry her handbag from her grip.

Of course, this man in shining Isuzu comes to the rescue, with the woman leaping into the pick-up’s load bed, as this 21st century knight makes good their escape, zooming past an arm-nibbling zombie en route.

Just for the sake of gender equality, Mr Isuzu also saves a helpless man fending off another shuffle of the undead, before rescuing a box of puppies from their fate. We eagerly await Isuzu’s fluffy kitten-saving sequel…

We’re not sure whether we’d be any more tempted to pick up a pick-up after watching this ad, but it may just catch the minds of those who hadn’t thought of an Isuzu before. See the ad for yourself, above.

Picture: Isuzu

Chris Lloyd


October 13, 2014