Independent garages have been given a huge vote of confidence by the public during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic according to a recent survey.

A poll conducted by Fixter, the UK’s first end-to-end online car maintenance service provider, showed that customers value independent garages more now during the coronavirus pandemic, than before the crisis began.

The survey revealed that 94 per cent of its customers valued essential services more today than several weeks ago, with 89 per cent understanding the importance of good maintenance during the crisis. The reassuring news for independent garages though is that 68 per cent of customers now trust local garages more than before the crisis.

Since the pandemic began, questions have been raised by customers about whether work to their vehicles like general maintenance or MOTs are deemed essential under lockdown advice.

New legislation recently introduced has granted a six-month extension for cars that need an MOT certificate from March 30. However, it’s been made clear that motorists taking advantage of the extensions must keep their car in a roadworthy condition, and because of this, some garages will remain open for any necessary work – especially to essential workers that are reliant on their vehicles for their jobs. Motorists can be punished if their cars aren’t kept in a roadworthy state.