An incredibly rare Ferrari has been caught on film driving through Connecticut.

The FXX was the first car in Ferrari’s ultra-exclusive XX programme, and was one of the fastest and most expensive track-only cars ever sold by the Italian carmaker.

However, despite being a vehicle of racing car standards, it was offered to non-racers.

Only 30 FXXs were ever made, with all powered by a 6.3-litre V12 engine that produces 789bhp – with those cars fitted with the Evoluzione kit pushing out an incredible 850bhp. These cars completed the sprint to 62mph in a remarkable 2.5 seconds.

Despite 30 FXX models being produced, it is unknown how many of these were fitted with the Evoluzione pack – though this is one that we see here. It was spotted on the road being driven from a nearby Ferrari dealership to an event at a local racetrack.