After a night out in a New York bar with friends, Justin Yelen made the sensible decision to leave his car where he had parked it, and sought an alternative mode of transport home. ?

?When the 24-year-old returned to collect his car the next day, he was shocked to find it covered in ice in the car park in which he’d left it next to Lake Erie in Hamburg, NY.

Not only was the car covered in ice, but it was also frozen to the car park, with at least an inch of ice covering the ground.

Commenting on the state of the car, Yelen jokingly told Hannah Buehler, a reporter for 7 Eyewitness News, that he hopes summer comes soon, with his father Joe adding: "We're going to have to somehow tow it to a warm garage and get it warmed up. I'm leaving that up to Justin!"

The car was frozen after high winds and low temperatures caused a lake-effect snow phenomenon.

Such a phenomenon occurs when a cold front sponges up moisture as it passes over a large, warm body of water, producing dramatic amounts of snowfall.

America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration elaborated: “Snowfall rates may exceed five inches an hour and be accompanied by lightning and thunder. A band of snow can hover over one location for several hours, dropping several feet of snow."

A photograph of the car, tweeted by WKBW reporter Matthew Bov?, has since gone viral, amassing hundreds of likes and retweets.

Author: Laura Thomson 

                Photo: Twitter – @Matt_Bove

Sophie Williamson Stothert


January 13, 2016