A computer system, which could cost as little as $100 (£75) to be installed on a new car, ‘could revolutionise road safety’, claims Hyundai.

Developed by experts at Autotalks, the chip allows vehicles to talk to each other and warn drivers if there is a hazard ahead. It can broadcast a car’s location, direction and speed up to ten times per second.

The technology, called V2X, is being highlighted by Hyundai following a survey of 2,000 motorists the manufacturer conducted. It revealed that 15 per cent of British Motorists have had a near-miss in the past month after becoming distracted at the wheel.

Changham Lee, coordinator of Hyundai Motor Company’s Cradle office in Tel Aviv – an investor in Autotalks – said: “Safety is one of the most important factors that consumers consider when they are buying a car.

“There will always be human error, whether drivers are distracted, or pedestrians aren’t paying attention and the consequences can be devastating,

“V2X technology improves road safety and Autotalks is one of a number of innovative Israeli start-ups Hyundai Cradle is collaborating.”

Hyundai’s survey also found that 25 per cent said that in the past month, they’ve had a near-miss with a pedestrian who walked into the road without paying attention.

Aimed to combat the issue, the first wave of Autotalks’ chipsets are anticipated to be fitted in cars from 2021.


February 10, 2020