Many children may yearn to become an astronaut one day, but kids with parents in space might not be so keen, as simply communicating with their mum or dad becomes a daily challenge.

Hyundai has thought of a new way to send a message up to space, however, helping a teenager from Houston, Texas to communicate with her dad on the International Space Station.

Rather than finding a digital method, Hyundai instead offered up a fleet of 11 Genesis saloons to create an enormous tyre track message, scrawled in the surface of a dry lake bed in the US state of Nevada – breaking a Guinness World Record in the process, reports Car Throttle.

The sheer distances involved meant that for 13-year-old Stephanie’s message to be read by her father in space, it had to measure more than two square miles – making it larger than New York’s Central Park.

Suffice it to say, the astronaut had no problem deciphering the tyre track note scrawled in the lake bed. Watch the video above to see the message the Stephanie sent.

Video: HyundaiWorldwide

Chris Lloyd


April 15, 2015

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