Hyundai has developed an adaptive cruise control system, called the Machine Learning based Smart Cruise Control (SCC-ML), which uses artificial intelligence to learn how motorists drive.

The AI works in conjunction with its Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) to gather information to be implemented into the vehicles self-driving behaviour – it’s said to be a world-first.

This is done so that the car can autonomously drive in an ‘identical pattern as that of the driver’.

Woongjun Jang, VP at Hyundai Motor Group, said: “The new SCC-ML improves upon the intelligence of the previous ADAS technology to dramatically improve the practicality of semi-autonomous features.

“Hyundai Motor Group will continue the development efforts on innovative AI technologies to lead the industry in the field of autonomous driving.”

The system divides driving pattern into three parts – distance from preceding vehicles, acceleration and responsiveness. Hyundai claim it achieves level 2.5 autonomy.

Sensors allow for regular updates to match the driver’s latest driving style. What’s more, SCC-ML is programmed to avoid replicating unsafe driving patterns.

The upcoming Highway Driving Assist system is said to also feature automatic lane change assist.

The manufacturer hasn’t said when exactly just yet, but it has stated the cruise control ‘is planned for implementation in future Hyundai Motor Group vehicles’.