Hyundai’s subsidiary car parts company Hyundai Mobis has become the first manufacturer to create an airbag for glass sunroofs.

The South Korean automaker has said its latest airbag system helps prevent injury from a person being thrown as the car overturns either onto its side or roof. It also shields the occupants from any shards of glass that could enter the cabin as the glass roof shatters.

Hyundai has already tested the system using dummies during a crash simulation that sees a car rolling over. The airbag almost instantly deployed, fully covering the sunroof in just 0.08 seconds – faster than a person can blink.

The dummies were thrown from their seats upwards and their head’s were successfully cushioned by the airbag.

Hyundai has also stated that creating the structure of the airbag was much more complex than that of a standard one, with much research going into the process.

As well as a rollover test, Hyundai confirmed it carried out extensive road tests for reliability, heat resistance and vibration resistance.

The firm also said that development was complex due to making sure there was enough room within the cabin for the airbag to safely deploy.

An official from Hyundai Mobis said: “We announced this technology at a global automotive safety conference held in the US in June, and attracted the attention of major institutions related to road safety and industry officials in the US.

“We will focus on premium SUV models and become a global leader in advanced airbags.”

Aidan Rennie-Jones


October 30, 2017