It’s traditional to visit our friends and relatives to spend some quality time with them during the Christmas holidays, and usually this includes taking some presents with you. Depending on how many people you are visiting and how generous you are around this time of year, the boot space in your car can quickly become too small. To tackle this challenge, has come up with some inventive ways in which to maximise your boot space so that you can fit all of your presents in, as well as to bring back the spoils you get in return! 

1. Take your biggest car if you have a choice of more than one in your household

A simple and obvious suggestion but it will make a difference. The bigger the car, usually, the bigger the boot, although this can be dependent on safety features, other accessories and car spec. You may not enjoy driving your largest car as much but it will make the difference in ensuring you can fit in all of your presents. After all, you may have a lot of presents to bring back with you as well and wouldn’t want to be lacking space for them!   

2. Empty the contents of your boot

Again a simple suggestion, but we all have those items in the boot of our cars that are there all year round. We never quite get round to moving them out, or fool ourselves that there will be a time when we will need that old, dirty blanket that has been stuffed in the corner of the boot. By getting everything out of your boot, you really will maximise the space and be able to fit more presents in for your loved ones.

3. Load your larger presents first

This is an important tip. You need to load your larger presents into the boot first and work around them. If you load other, smaller presents first, it will restrict your options significantly as there will be less space to play with. However, it is more likely that if you stack your smaller presents in an appropriate way after your larger presents, then they will all fit in.   

4. Stack appropriately

After loading your largest presents in first, this is where all those hours of playing ‘Tetris’ as a kid will come in handy. By stacking your presents with precision and adjusting for their shape, they should fit nicely into your boot. Ensure you are being as accurate and compact as possible when loading your gifts. It is also important to recognise which presents need to be treated with care and therefore should not have anything placed on top of them, a glass bottle for example, and which are slightly squishier, i.e. a soft toy.       

5. Use a cargo basket

Finally, use a roof box. If you don’t have a large enough boot then perhaps buying a roof box will be your best option. This will allow you to load your larger items on top of your car and provide more space for your other presents to fit into your boot. This would be ideal for anyone planning a particularly large present or with a lot of people to buy for!   

Sarah Lewis


December 23, 2015

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