How to contest a parking ticket: Penalty Charge Notice 

It’s happened, you’ve got yourself a parking fine. Once you’ve got over the initial shock / frustration, it’s time to act if you think you’ve been given the Penalty Charge Notice unfairly. Here at, we’ve created a quick guide to show you what to do next. 

With a Penalty Charge Notice – issued by your local council or Transport for London – in most cases you have 28 days to pay or challenge the ticket. However, it is advisable to do this within the 14 day discount period, after which the fine increases.

First, know and understand your legal grounds for appeal. Top reasons include:

  • You didn’t own the vehicle at the time
  • Your vehicle was stolen
  • The details given for your charge are not accurate, e.g. you were parked in a marked bay.

Remember though, you will need evidence to back up your appeal. Photographs, insurance documents and police reports all count.

The Citizens Advice Bureau is a good place to find out more about your legal rights – check out the website

Don’t forget, aside from legal reasons you may have another compelling argument for an appeal. Your local authority can use its discretion to decide whether to cancel the notice, so do take the time to appeal. 

You can appeal your ticket online via the Government website, just visit