How to contest a parking ticket – Fixed Penalty Notices

If you’ve been approached by the Police or received unwelcome post with a parking fine, don’t panic. If you were in the wrong it’s better to accept the slap on the wrist and pay the fine sooner rather than later. However if you were given the Fixed Penalty Notice unfairly, there are processes to follow to contest it. 

With a Fixed Penalty Notice – issued by the Police – you have 28 days to appeal. If you don’t respond during this time, either to pay or to appeal, the cost of the fine is likely to increase.

It’s important to realise that dealing with a Fixed Penalty notice is unlike other parking fines. If you don’t want to accept the fine and possible penalty points for your licence, it’s likely that an appeal will have to take place at the local magistrates’ court. Some Police forces do allow an informal appeal where you can submit an explanation in writing as to why you don’t think you have to pay. It is advisable that you check the process in your local area and the information included on your Fixed Penalty Notice first.

If an informal appeal is not possible or it has been rejected, we recommend that before progressing to a court appearance you seek legal advice and weigh up the cost of taking the claim to court versus paying the original fine imposed.