How to contest a parking ticket: Excess/ Standard Charge

Returning to your car to find a garishly coloured envelope slapped on your windscreen can only mean one thing – you’ve got a parking fine. If you think you were given the excess or standard charge notice unfairly, fear not, has a quick guide to show you what to do next. 

With an Excess or Standard Charge Notice – issued by the council – you have seven days from receiving the notice to submit a written explanation of why you think it is wrong. Remember, as with any appeal you must include evidence to support your claim. This can include receipts, witness accounts or photographs etc.

The next step depends on the council’s response. Within 14 days you will hear whether they have accepted or rejected your appeal. If they accept your appeal, you’re in the clear – but if the outcome is negative, you should be able to appeal again in writing to a more senior parking official. The details of how to progress your claim further should be provided from the council when they respond.