The Suzuki Ignis first entered the market all the way back in 2000 and was produced up until 2008. Now, the Japanese manufacturer has brought the name back for a small city car with 4×4 looks.

It comes with an all-new platform and a funky design that features nods to Suzukis of the 70s while still looking fresh and unique. There’s both front- and four-wheel drive available and it even comes with a basic hybrid drivetrain option – quite impressive for a budget city car.

So if the idea of 4×4 styling at city car prices appeals, let guide you through finding the right Ignis for you…

The smart choice for those on a budget: SZ3

For buyers working to a tight budget the best option is the entry-level SZ3 model. It’s only available with the 90bhp, 1.2-litre petrol engine and two-wheel drive, which makes it perfect as an inner-city car.

Technology on offer is relatively simple, with manual air conditioning, automatic headlights and a pollen filter as standard. The highlight, however, is a DAB digital radio with USB and Bluetooth connectivity, something which isn’t always standard at this price point.

The exterior comes without much in the way of ‘bling’ making it clear this is the entry model. However, chrome interior door handles and rear privacy glass are welcome.

There are 11 paint colours available, with only Fervent Red being a no-cost option. All other single colours are £465, while the two-tone options are £650 – this is the same at all trim levels.

The Suzuki Ignis SZ3 starts at £9,999.

The smart choice for value for money: SZ-T

If you’ve got a bit extra to spend but still want good value for money, get the mid-range SZ-T. There’s still only one choice of engine and no four-wheel drive, but there is the chance to get an automatic transmission. It costs £800 and doesn’t offer improvements in economy, so only tick that box if you really don’t fancy changing cogs yourself.

The interior equipment is largely as it is in the base level car, except this time there’s a satellite navigation system. On the outside, a few choice upgrades make the SZ-T stand out against its little brother, such as larger 16-inch alloy wheels, wheel arch extensions and roof rails.

The Suzuki Ignis SZ-T is available from £11,499.

The smart choice for technophiles: SZ5

The top-spec Ignis comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from much more expensive cars. Here, buyers can option the hybrid engine – though admittedly the electric motor is only small and is only there to take some of the workload off of the petrol engine when it’s under load. Still, it saves fuel and reduces emissions, which makes it a very good thing.

There’s also the option of four-wheel drive. This comes at a £1,000 premium, so we’d only recommend it to buyers who are serious about taking their Ignis off road regularly.

The SZ5 comes with keyless entry, cruise control and a leather-covered steering wheel for added comfort. A new safety feature is ‘dual brake camera support’, which uses two cameras to keep an eye on the car’s surroundings and help the car to avoid a collision.

The Suzuki Ignis SZ5 is available from £12,999.