Cars these days are becoming more and more like fashion statements. There’s hundreds of colour combinations, different trim levels and even ranges of in-car scents to choose from.

One of the earliest trailblazers of this type of car was the Citroen DS3. Fresh from an update, the DS3 still epitomises ultra-customisable motoring in a small and attractive package.

We’re going to have a look at the best models to choose from in the DS3 line, taking engines, technology and price into account.

The Smart choice for saving money – DS3 Dsign

This is the entry-level DS3, but that doesn’t mean that it is short on equipment. For £13,295 the Dsign comes with 16” black alloy wheels, chrome side rubbing strips and LED daytime running lights which give the DS3 its up-to-date look.

Engine-wise, the Dsign has a 3 cylinder petrol engine, which is good for a combined economy figure of 62.8mpg. However, because of this, acceleration is compromised, with a 0-62mph time of 12.3 seconds.

However, for a way to break into the DS3 line, the Dsign is definitely the best option with premium levels of equipment for an entry-level price.

Small French hatches are at their very best when the cost is kept low, and this DS3 is no exception. The drive is still involving and the engine, although small, will love to rev and provide a lively drive.

The Smart choice for value for money – Dstyle Nav

The DStyle Nav is the best choice for those looking for a higher level of equipment but are willing to pay a slightly higher premium because of this.

For £17,495, the DStyle Nav includes 17” black wheels, satin chrome inserts on the steering wheel and air conditioning. It also comes with a gloss black kit, which provides dashboard strips and other trim pieces finished in gloss black.

Of course, as the name describes, it also comes with satellite navigation, along with a rear spoiler and interior mood lighting.

With regards to power, we’d choose the BLUEHDI 4-cylinder diesel, which has a quicker time to 62mph than the DSign (10.8 seconds) and has an incredible combined economy figure of 83.1mpg.

The DStyle Nav is definitely one of the best choose from in the DS3 range when balancing out cost and the amount of equipment that comes with it.

The Smart choice for technophiles – DS3 Cabrio

You can’t beat that feeling of the wind in your hair, right? That’s where the DS3 Cabrio comes in. It has a roof mechanism that allows the roof to be folded away at up to 70mph, along with ‘DS LED Vision’ headlights which offer a huge amount of light from small LED units.

Also featured on the DS3 Cabrio is a full navigation system and Hi-Fi system. Cleverly, despite being a convertible the Cabrio still seats five people and has a 245-litre boot. It still offers all of the customisable options that you’ll find on the hatchback DS3, but with that all-important roofless experience.

Even that roof can be customised too, with three colours available to choose from; black, blue or grey. As previously mentioned, the DS3 Cabrio does come with a built-in air freshener, meaning that the car will smell great whatever’s been inside it.