The Mini has gone from a being a small and cheap supermini to a desirable machine bought as much for its never ending options list as for what comes as standard.

With three petrol and three diesel models to choose from, choosing which Mini Five-Door to go for doesn’t have to be a difficult game. Paying for it could be, however, with prices for the top-of-the-range model already topping £20,000 before buyers venture into the lengthy and expensive options list.

We’ve been through the Mini Five-Door range to pick the models that offer the best value for money, include all the toys you could want and a budget option that could give you everything you need for less than £15,000.

The smart choice for those on a budget – Mini Five-Door One

Sitting at the bottom of the Five-Door range is the One petrol. With a perky 101bhp turbocharged punting this lightweight Mini to 62mph in a nippy 10.1 seconds and being capable of claimed economy just shy of 60mpg, this could be all the Mini you need.

Low CO2 emissions mean that the One falls into the inexpensive £30 tax band, while the price tag of £14,565 means that this is the cheapest Five-Door to buy in the first place. While most Mini buyers add thousands to the price of their car with optional extras, the motor and economy on offer in the most basic Five-Door should keep most buyers happy.

The smart choice for value for money – Mini Five-Door Cooper

If you’ve got a little more to spend, but want the most bang for your buck, you’ll be wanting the Mini Five-Door Cooper. With a more potent motor under the stubby bonnet this Mini sprints to 62mph in a speedy 8.2 seconds, letting you make the most of the Five-Door’s go kart-style handling.

Despite the added muscle over the one, the price the Cooper offers practically the same claimed economy as the One, is the same if not a little cheaper to tax – depending upon which gearbox and alloy wheels you opt for – and with a price tag of a very reasonable £16,105 offers a lot more car for not that much more money.

The smart choice for technophiles – Mini Five-Door Cooper SD

If you want a machine with all the bells and whistles and have £20,255 burning a hole in your pocket, the Five-Door Cooper SD should fit the bill.

With a 168bhp diesel motor under the bonnet, the Cooper SD scoots to 62mph in a speedy 7.4 seconds – even though claimed fuel economy sits just below 70mpg, with annual car tax costing no more than £30 depending on which variant you opt for. If economy is less of a concern, however, the 189bhp Cooper S petrol offers even greater performance with a sporty engine note, while sneaking below the £19,500.

Fuel economy of around 47mpg may lag behind the diesel, but for those who don’t cover a huge amount of miles every year this should be the more fun and better value option.

Picture: Mini