A video of a Belfast woman who spent half an hour trying to parallel park her car has gone viral, with over one million views.

The hapless driver spent an agonising amount of time attempting to fit her Vauxhall Corsa into a space on Fitzroy Avenue, in the Holyland area of the city.

Unfortunately for her, a group of students were filming from a nearby house and started documenting the action some fifteen minutes into the driver’s parking attempt.

The video, entitled ‘The worlds worst attempt at parallel parking, enjoy!’ shows the lady repeatedly reversing in and out of the spot, holding up traffic and narrowly avoiding surrounding parked cars, in a complete misunderstanding of the dynamics of parking in sequence.

Friends Ciaran Shannon and Ciaran Doherty were behind the camera, and provided a blow-by-blow commentary on the unfortunate driver’s antics.

Speaking to the BBC, Doherty said: "One of the boys in the house was looking out the window having a wee bit of fresh air and saw it. The next thing we were all at the window and looking out.

"We were looking at it for a good 15 minutes before we started videoing it. I offered to park the car for her. I can't believe she couldn't get it in. It could easily have fitted a big people carrier in that space."

Eventually, with some guidance, the lady does eventually manage to park the car correctly, to an inevitable hail of cheers and applause.

Warning: the video contains some strong language.

Daljinder Nagra


April 30, 2013

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