Honda customers could soon be able to browse the options list of a private jet while they have their Civic serviced as the upcoming HondaJet is creeping ever closer to production.

The innovative lightweight aircraft uses advanced technology and production processes that see the engines mounted over the wing to improve performance and cut out intrusive noise in the cabin.

Not likely to actually be on display in a Honda show room near you (unless you live in a particularly affluent area), the HondaJet is aimed at well-off individuals and businesses that are keen to skip the queues at check-in.

The sleek personal aircraft has actually been in production ever since a sketch was first drafted by the Japanese marque in 1997 but it wasn’t until 2003 that the flying machine undertook its maiden voyage.

Now, the HondaJet has passed the initial tests enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration and can continue into the production phase.

Officials say the small aircraft can travel at speeds of nearly 500mph and has a range of around 1,400 nautical miles or around 1,600 ground miles – which is easily enough for a one-way trip from London to Athens, Greece.

It can seat up to five passengers and two crewmembers that will be whisked away in style thanks to a plethora of on-board gadgets and the latest entertainment systems.

Expect to part with over £3 million for one when it does finally arrive.