Mega-budget Honda commercial is the one we love best, as's survey shows.

Honda’s ‘Cog’ TV commercial for the Accord family saloon – reputedly the most expensive motor advert ever – is the nation’s favourite ad, according to a survey has just conducted.

Over 1,000 car buyers voted Honda’s $6.2m ‘cog’ advert, which shows a domino effect of moving car parts, the UK’s most amazing advert, ‘loved’ by over 63 per cent of motorists.

Second most popular was Skoda’s ‘cake’ advert, which was ‘full of lovely stuff’ for 24 per cent of buyers. The advert shows a replica car built entirely out of cake, which reportedly cost £500,000 to make and used 180 eggs In third place was the Peugeot unforgettable ‘Bhangra Nights’ advert, that involved the casting of over 100 elephants to crush an Indian driver’s car into the shape of the 206 supermini.

Other car adverts singled out as worthy of praise were the Papa and Nicole series for the Renault Clio and the transforming Citroen C4.

Whereas car adverts have traditionally fared well in lists of people’s favourites, chewing gum hasn’t come off so lightly with Trident’s ‘Mastication for the Nation’ advert voted the worst commercial of 2007. The advert was named Campaign magazine’s ‘Top Turkey’ of 2007 receiving over 500 complaints from viewers.

Previous TV turn-offs have included commercials for Camelot, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and Glade Air Freshener.

Katie Armitage, Marketing Manager for, said: “This latest survey demonstrates that car buyers have surprisingly strong opinions about their favourite adverts, which clearly demonstrates the importance of getting it right.

“On the website, buyers can browse through hundreds of real life video car adverts to find their perfect car, and although we wouldn’t recommend dealers produce anything as complicated as the Honda Cog advert, a good video can make all the difference to a sale.” site is the first used car portal on the internet to provide car buyers with video car adverts in addition to the traditional text and photo listings. The site also provides ‘real advice from real people’ from the site’s ‘Real Review’ panel- the UK’s first panel of video car reviewers made up from members of the public.

The network, which launched in January 2007 and includes Yahoo! Cars, Desperate Seller, The Independent,, Top Gear and Fifth Gear among others, is now visited by over 2.7 million car buyers every month.

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