The ‘hazard perception’ element of the driving theory test is set to change next year, with the arrival of computer-generated footage in place of the grainy in-car videos used to date.

This test exists to gauge motorists’ awareness of potential hazards on the road ahead, with learners having to click the mouse to signify that they have recognised a developing danger – anything that could force them to change their speed or direction.

The reason for the switch, according to the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), is that using CGI footage allows them to show potential risks on the road more clearly – without putting vulnerable road users, such as children, pedestrians and cyclists, in danger.

However, the pass mark for the test is unchanged, at 44 out of 75 for car drivers. Watch the video above to see what those taking their theory test from 2015 onwards can expect.

Picture: Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency