Warning: Video contains a naughty word

Mondays are horrible, especially now Mother Nature has decided to unleash watery hell most days and the school run is clogging up roads up and down the country once again.

But even if you were stuck in traffic or you spilt cornflakes on your new shirt, we can’t imagine your Mazda3 rolled to its death thanks to a snapped towing chain and a slightly clueless tow truck driver.

That’s exactly what happened to the poor chap in this rather sweary video. Clearly having an awful day to begin with (well, he did crash his Mazda 3), things rapidly get worse when a tow-truck driver makes a hash out of rescuing the smashed up hatchback.

The man behind the camera and presumably the owner of the crashed car can be heard saying, “Hear we go, hear we go, hear we go, Come on, over, over, over,” as the stricken Mazda is not-so gracefully winched back onto its wheels.

The force of the tipping vehicle is enough to snap the tow chain and with a few naughty exclamations from the understandably frustrated owner, the Mazda3 goes rolling to its death over the edge of a rather steep precipice.

“You have to be kidding me,” is the final utterance to leave the distraught motorist’s mouth and with that, we attempt to hold back the gallons of schadenfreude desperate to burst from within us.

Leon Poultney


November 4, 2013

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