Top Gear’s Stig – enigmatic racing driver and presumed extra-terrestrial life form – has been caught on film ‘stealing’ a Formula One racing car from Lotus’ HQ in Hethel, Norfolk.

The footage of Stig’s break-in – which has been created by Top Gear to promote its latest live festival in the South African city of Durban – shows the reclusive driver nonchalantly arrive at the team’s base in a cloud of supercar tyre smoke, before seamlessly hacking a security gate’s electronic lock with nothing but his hand.

Once in, the Stig has free reign to wander the normally locked-down halls of the secretive F1 team. From taking in a riveting CAD wind-tunnel display to tearing around the deserted facility in a toy version of Lotus’ 2014 championship chariot, the Stig has a blast, before his behaviour turns rather more sinister.

Before leaving, Stiggy changes delivery instructions on the firm’s computer, diverting the F1 car from its intended path to the Austrian GP to the Top Gear festival in Durban. Then has a change of heart and decides to nick the car himself, leaving the Lotus factory in a suitably ‘drive it like you stole it’ manner.

So does this mean that the Stig and a Lotus F1 car will be in attendance at Top Gear’s biggest live event? The BBC magazine would neither confirm nor deny.

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