Legendary cinema score composer Hans Zimmer has been working with BMW to give a ‘voice’ to its future performance cars.

Working alongside BMW acoustic engineer and sound designer Renzo Vitale, the composer best known for his work on The Lion King, The Dark Knightand Dunkirk has been helping create the sounds for the Vision M NEXT concept car.

The concept car previews the future of BMW’s lauded M Performance division once the motor industry goes electric. Recognising the need for a noise to replace the internal combustion engine thrum, the German marque brought in Zimmer, who declares himself a fan of the brand.

Zimmer said: “I have always been a BMW enthusiast. As a kid I used to recognise my mother coming home by the sound of her BMW. I am thrilled to get the chance to design the sound of future electric BMW’s and create emotion for the future electric driving experience.”

One of the main criticisms of electric cars from passionate enthusiasts has been the absence of sound; perhaps Zimmer’s work may go some way to solving this issue.

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