A hamster has steered a giant dumper truck from the bottom to the top of a quarry, in a stunt intended by Volvo to show off its new Dynamic Steering system.

No, we’re not talking about Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond, but a real-life children’s pet, which piloted Volvo’s latest FMX truck through the narrow and steep inclines of the Los Tres Cunados quarry in Northwest Spain.

Obviously, with only tiny legs – not to mention a lack of opposable thumbs – the little rodent couldn’t just sit at the wheel and storm out of the quarry itself. It was helped out by a fully qualified – though wholly less cute – truck driver, who guided the hamster’s inputs with the industry standard ‘carrot on a stick’ procedure.

It’s hair-raising (ish) stuff, with the lorry teetering inches from a sheer drops as it negotiates the slippery climbs, eventually summiting to the applause of everyone involved.

It’s not the first time Volvo has used stunts to demonstrate its technology. Last year it sent a ballerina over a high-wire attached to two moving trucks. You can watch that display of insanity below.

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Daljinder Nagra


September 16, 2013