More than half of brits are looking to reduce their impact on the environment in 2022, according to a new survey from Hyundai.

During the course of the coronavirus pandemic, many have become more conscious of the environment around them, with 51 per cent of the 2,000 people surveyed now looking to improve their sustainability habits this year. 

Some of the top habits that Brits were trying to focus on included recycling as much as possible, using reusable carrier bags, walking rather than driving (where possible) and trying to avoid using or buying plastic. Further down the list, some intended to count their ‘food miles’, buy sustainable fashion and not fly abroad.

Despite the positive response, 32 per cent still said they had an ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ approach to climate change, though 15 per cent said they already thought their lifestyle was as ‘green’ as possible. 

The results of the survey are released as Hyundai launches its ‘Drive the Change’ tour, which is a nationwide drive across the UK in the brand’s electric IONIQ 5 to meet experts, activists and businesses committed to sustainability. The survey also found that a quarter were looking to switch to an electric car to help reduce carbon emissions. 

Ashley Andrew, managing director at Hyundai UK, said: “This research gives increasing hope and shows that more of us are wanting to live sustainably and are prioritising greener new year resolutions for 2022. It also highlights the important role leading brands play in driving the change to support consumer choice.