Motorists are being invited to share their views on a proposed update to the Highway Code, which is being modernised to include more detail on high-speed roads and motorways.

Highways England is working with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) on the updates, and has today launched a four-week consultation for motorists to have their say on.

With smart motorways continuing to come under fire, the Highway Code is set to be updated to account for these, and include more detail and guidance on how to use the emergency bays, as smart motorways have their hard shoulder removed in place of an extra lane.

These stretches of road also use red ‘X’ letters displayed on overhead gantries when motorists should stay clear of a certain lane – such as for a crash or breakdown. The updates aim to make it clear when these lanes shouldn’t be used, as well as give guidance to drivers to help them keep safe should their vehicle be stranded on one of these motorways.

Elsewhere, the Code aims to be updated for the increased use of variable speed limits to manage congestion, as well as how speed cameras work in catching motorists speeding through these areas. Further detail on safety-related incidents, including tailgating, towing and driving in roadworks is also set to be included.

Jeremy Phillips, Highways England’s Head of Road Safety, said: “The Highway Code is the go-to guide for road users to help make journeys as safe, efficient and sustainable as possible.
We know more needs to be done to help motorists understand exactly how modern motorways and high-speed roads operate.

“The updated edition of The Highway Code will help inform the next generation of road users as well as giving important updates to those with many miles under their belt, to help us all stay safer.”

Further details on the proposed updates and how to give your views can be found here.