For most drivers Google’s Street View application has proved invaluable, offering clear directions and accurate images of what’s on the ground at unfamiliar locations.

However, three drivers in the Indonesian city of Bogor, near Jakarta, are probably ruing the day the application was ever conceived, after they were all hit by an errant Google employee, piloting one of the company’s Street View camera cars.

The unidentified driver was out collecting data when he collided with a public minivan in his Subaru hatchback.

No one injured and the Google driver initially seemed willing to hold his hands up to what had happened, and accompanied the minivan driver to a local garage to assess the damage.

While waiting, though, the man seemingly got increasingly worried about the potential size of the bill, and before finding out what it would cost, leapt back into his car in an attempt to make his getaway.

With the minivan driver in hot pursuit, the hapless Google driver only managed to get two miles before crashing into ANOTHER minivan.

Panicked, he then tried to flee again, and only gave himself up after crashing into yet another van, this time parked on the side of the road.

Police detained the man soon after and took him away for questioning.

If the man had originally stayed in the garage to hear the size of the bill he might not have felt the need to scarper, with a police spokesman later confirming that the damage to the first minivan came to a grand total of 200,00 rupiah (£11).

This isn’t the first time Google Street View cars have made the headlines. In April images of an Australian couple having sex on the bonnet of a car were captured and displayed on the mapping service.

And in March Google was forced to pay a $7million fine after collecting personal information for Street View without permission.

Picture: Google