Frosty conditions have well and truly hit Britain in the last few weeks and no doubt you’ve already started the daily ritual of de-icing the windscreen. The thought of a breakdown in this wintery weather is certainly chilling, so be sure to take our tips for getting your car ready for winter and avoid shivering at the side of the road this season.

A clean windscreen is not only a matter of pride, but also an essential for seasonal safety; as poor weather conditions can decrease your visibility and you’ll need all the help you can get. The low-lying sun will also highlight every smudge and smear, making it difficult to see properly. If your wipers are a little tired, now is the time to replace them; you should also make sure that your screen washer stays topped up.

Dirt will also build up on lights, so give them a frequent clean to optimise your vision during darker mornings and evenings. Be sure to also check your bulbs regularly, as the increased use of your lights will put more strain on them and make them more likely to ‘blow’. You should also ensure that your radiator is topped up with anti-freeze so you won’t stall in the cold weather.

Your tyres will have to work harder to grip the road in wet and icy conditions over the winter, so give them a helping hand by making sure they’re in good repair. Tyres should have a suitably deep tread, and if they are balding in any areas be sure the replace them immediately. Check that they are inflated to the recommended pressure.

It is worth getting a service to make sure that everything is in good working order, leaving you with peace of mind that your car will carry you through to Spring.

What are your tips for getting your car ready for winter?

Dermot Kelleher


December 10, 2012

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