Chinese car manufacturer Geely is offering buyers the option of home delivery in a contactless solution which includes the delivery of car keys via a drone.

This is part of the firm’s newly launched proprietary online sales system. The service offers “consumers a complete one stop solution for ordering online that includes the modification of vehicle specifications, online financing and insurance”, according to the company.

The contactless home delivery system is said to directly deliver new vehicles to people’s homes or place of work as opposed to a dealership. All confirmed orders and confirmed leads are sent to local dealers that process them before beginning the home delivery process.

Drones in select locations can pass new car keys to buyers by delivering to their door or balcony, allowing for, in Geely’s words, “a truly contactless process”.

Victor Yang, vice president of Geely Auto Sales Company, said: “Geely Auto’s constant change to the market requirements and consumer concerns is the driving force behind Geely’s continued success in the Chinese market.”

Since the platform was launched in February of this year, the firm state that just over 10,000 consumers have ordered and paid for vehicles on its online shop.

In addition to this, a further 110,000 users have registered their interest in buying a Geely vehicle in the short term.