Garmin has launched the world’s first in-vehicle system that monitors a baby sat in the rear seats and streams the footage wirelessly to the compatible Garmin Sat Nav.

The system allows parents the ability to see both their route guidance and also how their child is.

Not only this, but thanks to a night vision mode, the system works at night or in low-light conditions. The entire system was launched at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas recently.

EMEA Head of product management Theimo Weinshenk said: “We are excited to be the first company to create a new product category that integrates passenger video with GPS navigation.

“Having to awkwardly turn around or pull over on the side of the road to check on your child is simply unsafe. With babyCam, parents can easily monitor children as often as they need while running daily errands.”

The babyCam can easily be mounted to a car’s headrests within minutes, and can even be angled to monitor multiple children in the rear seats of a vehicle. The entire system is compatible with voice-activated satellite navigations, which enables drivers to control the babyCam without having to take their hands off the wheel.

Voice commands can also be used to switch between the navigation system and the babyCam view.

The babyCam can also sync effortlessly with a variety of Garmin satellite navigations for cars, trucks and motorhomes.