Car interiors could soon be set to get far less cluttered, as VW has announced forthcoming Golf models will come with gesture control technology.

Speaking to Auto Express, VW’s head of powertrain development, Dr Heinz-Jacob Neu?er, confirmed the new tech will reach showrooms by the end of 2016, in what will be a first for the family hatchback market.

Volkswagen chose the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to unveil its latest cabin developments, in the form of the VW Golf R Touch concept. Fitted to the car is a 12.8-inch media screen with a separate eight-inch control centre below. Using proximity sensors and a 3D camera, the system is able to interpret hand movements, which can be used to manipulate nearly every piece of kit in the cabin.

“The interior features a preview of future VW interior technologies, with smartphone applications redefined for automotive use,” Neu?er told Auto Express. “The gesture control will become reality in the Golf at the end of next year.”

If a driver were to touch the roof, for instance, the control centre panel would bring up touchscreen controls for the sunroof. It is thought that with more and more functions eventually being transferred to touchscreens, conventional buttons could soon become a thing of the past, though road safety campaigners have previously raised concerns that such controls are more distracting, and require drivers to divert their attention from the road.

Future Golfs are also likely to feature completely digital dashboard displays, which until recently were the preserve of high-end luxury cars. It will follow VW Group brand Audi, which recently launched a digital dashboard on its all-new TT.

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Daljinder Nagra


May 26, 2015

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