It’s fair to say that no one likes road works. Sitting in a queue as traffic is squeezed into a single lane is enough to test anyone’s patience. One driver, however, risked causing an accident recently by blocking the path of another motorist who he assumed was trying to jump a queue.

Captured on the dash cam of a following car, a Renault driver can be seen queuing in the right lane, as other motorists make use of the empty (and still open) left lane.

Erroneously thinking that other drivers are attempting to jump the queue, the Renault driver quickly veers into the path of a fast-approaching Mercedes, causing the driver to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident.

The shocked Mercedes driver then attempts to get around the Renault, though is thwarted as the driver continually blocks his path, forcing him to wait and causing a full-blown shouting match between the pair.

Since being posted online, the video has attracted much comment, with many viewers wrongly berating the Mercedes driver for ‘undertaking’, when in reality, the Highway Code states that drivers may legally pass traffic queuing in the right hand lane.

Motorists are advised to negotiate merging lanes in a ‘zipper’ fashion, with cars from each lane taking it in turns to move forward – aiding the flow of traffic through the bottleneck.

Click play above to check out the footage for yourself – the incident occurs around 20 seconds in.

Daljinder Nagra


April 21, 2015

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