A new technology has been introduced to help rescue broken down electric vehicles and four-wheel-drive cars to be towed without powertrain damage.

Many EVs and 4x4s can’t in fact be towed, and neither can vehicles suffering from seized brakes or failed wheel bearings.

Due to the wheels of electric cars being mechanically linked to its electric motor, it is often recommended that they shouldn’t be towed in order to avoid causing damage to the powertrain.

To get around this issue, Steve Ives, chief engineer for the AA, has developed a freewheeling hub which rescue patrols can use to fix the rear wheels of a broken-down car. This allows it to be towed, therefore saving time by side stepping the need for a low-loader.

Steve Ives, AA chief engineer, said: “I love the challenge of coming up with solutions to seemingly impossible situations. I worked on the prototype for many hours in my shed at night and eventually crafted a wooden prototype.

“It has now been put into production and is working well.”

The device, which is now being used by 200 AA patrols across the UK, is set to be rolled out to all 2,100 patrols by June next year.