Research by Peugeot UK has found that despite many parents wanting their kids to learn the ways of the road in an electric car, a third believe that it will be harder to learn to drive in one – and harder to own one, too.

The survey of 1,229 UK parents made through Peugeot’s UK social media channels showcased a belief that learning to drive in an electric car would prove to be a lot more difficult than in a petrol or diesel car.

To highlight that an EV is in fact quite simple to drive, Peugeot provided a class of 10 16-year-olds with an electric driving lesson at Bedford Autodrome. In it, they were shown by professional drivers how to live with and own an electric car.

Young drivers were taught basic manoeuvres such as starting and stopping, as well as more EV-centric procedures such as how to conserve electric range and how to charge the vehicle.

Julie David, Managing Director of Peugeot UK, said: “Our new research highlights how more people across the UK are seeing the positives of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and it is important that future generations are aware of the benefits that come with owning an EV.

“Our day with the young drivers has demonstrated how accessible electric vehicles can be for anyone thinking about their next car. We hope they enjoyed their time with us and found it to be a useful insight into the world of EVs.”

After the lessons were over, the drivers went head-to-head with their parents in an EV challenge to see who could save the most electric range over a set route. After their training, the children managed to conserve twice as many miles as their parents.