For some, parallel parking can be their worst nightmare, sending a shudder down the spine of even the most confident driver. Let’s not even mention what it’s like if someone happens to be watching too!

However, never fear, is here! Here’s our ten-step approach to the perfect parallel park. Give it a go next time you face the dreaded road side space! 

1. Find a space that is a few metres longer than your own vehicle. You might laugh but it’s amazing how many people try to shoe-horn their car into a space that’s only a few centimetres longer than their vehicle.

2. Pull up to the car that is parked in front of the space you want to park in as closely as possible so that you are parallel. If your cars are different lengths, line them up so that the rear of the two cars are level.

3. While you are in a stopping position, turn your wheel towards the kerb on full lock.

4. Turn around in your seat so that you are looking at the vehicle that is parked behind the space you want to park in and start to reverse very slowly into the space.

5. When the front corner of the car can be seen in your rear-view mirror, stop reversing and straighten your steering wheel so that it returns to the middle position.

6. Continue reversing until you just get past the car in front of you.

7. While you are in stopping position, turn your steering wheel fully to the opposite direction from the kerb.

8. Continue to reverse towards the car parked behind you.

9. Once you are in position, you might need to straighten the steering wheel to make sure you are parallel to the kerb.

10. Make sure you have left sufficient room for the vehicles parked behind and in front of you to manoeuvre out when necessary.

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