Team chiefs at Formula 1 have intimated that if women have talent, there is no reason why they shouldn’t compete.

Danica Patrick, IndeCar’s latest race-winner has been granted support from Formula A’s team principles should she wish to switch to the top flight in the future.

Patrick is keen to be the first women to qualify with Lella Lombardi being the only female racing car driver to ever make the F1 score board before.

Honda boss, Ross Brawn said: "We can all see the commercial attraction, how exciting it would be to have a female driver in Formula 1."

"I think the key thing is whether they can be competitive, because it would be a shame if, purely because they were female, they got put in the car and couldn’t compete properly. If they can do that then absolutely, it would be great."

John Howett, Toyota motorsport president has also commented that female drivers would be a positive addition to the Formula 1 grid providing they are genuinely competitive.

With Lewis Hamilton making history last year as the first black driver ever to graduate to the top flight , the interest in Formula 1 racing has been undeniably boosted and the addition of a female driver is set to broaden that appeal further.

Stephen Jury


May 12, 2008