With the population ever increasing and the battle for living space becoming fiercer by the day, the modern motorist has a tough challenge every time it comes to parking their car.

How many times have you popped to your local shopping centre only to have to post yourself into a space that is just about big enough for a G-Wizz? Or how many times has someone put a long scratch in your brand new paintwork at your local Tesco?

All of that could change with Ford’s latest piece of high-tech kit that will see future cars park autonomously. Building on current tech such as Active Park Assist – that allows a car to slot itself into a parallel parking spot with little input from the driver – the new technology will use ultrasonic sensors to scout for a space.

Once a parking spot of suitable size is discovered by the on-board computers, the driver simply has to slot the car into neutral, press a button on the dash or key fob, sit back and let the car do the hard work.

Due to the lack of driver input, motorists will find they can squeeze into extremely tight spaces by hopping out of the car, pressing a button on the key fob and letting the car manoeuvre itself into position. No more unsightly gymnastic wrestles with the door and the car next to you.

Upon return (presumably laden with shopping bags and screaming children) the driver can summon the car with the same key fob, pop open the boot and then drive away stress-free.

This new technology is currently still under development but the video above demonstrates it working in a real-world environment. Fascinating stuff.

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Leon Poultney


October 9, 2013