Ford is one of the most well-known and well-loved global car companies, founded by the eponymous Henry Ford and became an incorporated company in 1903. Ford’s continual innovation is well-known – not only in the field of automotive engineering, but in the field of labour and production too.

Henry Ford revolutionised the way we travel, the way we work and the way we look at cars. His first automobile, produced during the early years of the 20th Century, was to become the blueprint for the rest of the motoring industry, while his ways of working would be adopted by every manufacturing industry across the world.

In the world of automotive engineering, Ford pioneered not only the first, mass-manufactured and affordable motor car, but the first engine with a removable cylinder head (1908), safety add-ons like safety glass in the windshield and seatbelts, and lately, has developed hybrid technology for Ford vehicles. While Ford’s Model T might’ve once only been available in any colour – as long as it’s black – nowadays you can find used Fords in a plethora of models, makes, colours and options to choose from, truly providing a car for everyone.

When it came to manufacture, Henry Ford demonstrated the efficiency of a new type of system: mass production. In Ford’s factory, each worker was given a single job to do in an assembly line, the working day was reduced and employees paid a living wage – sounds hardly anything but revolutionary, but at the time it was! ‘Fordism’ went on to become the largest type of manufacture set-up across the world, increasing profits and efficiency for businesses from food production to technology.

In the latest news from Ford, innovation is still a core element of their business strategy. Ford SYNC, an integrated in-vehicle system, is the latest move from the company to produce automobiles that make our life easier and more efficient. This system uses voice commands, much like the iPhone’s Siri concept, to call, text, control music and a host of other functions while you’re driving. The Ford SYNC is compatible with a number of external devices, like smartphones and media players, meaning that we could now be more connected with our car than ever before.

It looks like Ford won’t be slowing down their innovative trail-blazing any time soon. What do you think of Ford’s innovation – great news for motorists or do you prefer your vehicles a little less interactive? 

Stephen Jury


October 18, 2012