Ford has announced it will offer its customers complimentary access to its FordPass app across Europe.

The app allows drivers to access a variety of services to control their car from their phone, including checking on the health of the vehicle, fuel and oil levels as well as allowing them to lock or unlock the car.

Previously, the services were available as a two-year trial subscription at a cost of £89+VAT. However, Ford has now cancelled the fees for most of its connected services.

Richard Bunn, FordPass director at Ford Mobility, said, “Whether you’re double-checking you’ve locked your car or just making sure it’s healthy for the journey ahead, the connected car features in FordPass help bring convenience and reassurance to Ford owners.

“From now on, every customer in Europe who buys a Ford can benefit from a range of complimentary connected vehicle services – this is an important part of delivering on our promise to make smart vehicles for a smart world.”

The system is also designed to help drivers of EVs and plug-in hybrids too –displaying important information like the battery level and range, as well as helping owners benefit from off-peak electricity tariffs by enabling them to schedule vehicle charging.

The app will also let drivers set the cabin temperature remotely so that the car cab be pre-cooled or pre-warmed before you get into the vehicle, and it will also help locate nearby electric car chargers.